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Retail Displays

Custom Retail Decor, Sculptures, Props & Displays
Retail Visual Marketing

Want to catch your customer's eye?
Need a display to enhance the visual for your product or item for sale?
We have the materials and creative vision to produce the most eye-catching and visual stunning retail displays for your store. Increase sales and consumer foot traffic with your very own custom retail sculpture displays.
Various materials, coatings and finishes are available to enhance your vision. Contact us today to discuss your project.

Custom Window Display Props

Marketing companies and Retailers from around the country contact us to manufacture those one-of-a-kind display pieces for stunning window displays.  Our custom Props are made from plastics, Foam, wood and steel to your exact needs.  Marketing companies find us as an excellent resource to produce the props they need.  Call us for more information 800-704-7089. Our custom prop makers are standing by to help you.


Custom POS - POP Props, decor and displays

Contact us for 1 - 10,000 point of sale / point of purchase displays.  We make our custom prop displays for print, foam, wood, and metal.  Not sure what you need? We can help you with a design.  Scroll down to see..



Foam Retail Props custom made.


[Click Here] to see our pictures of another display Manufactured by
Dino Rentos Studios for a major retailer.

Custom Foam Sculpture Prop for retail display was requested by Crain's Walnuts.
This Foam Sculpture was also used in Trade Shows.
It is fully hard coated for durability and painted to the customers specs.
Big Walnut Tree Foam Sculpture Prop for retail and trade show use.

Retail Brand Logo's for Decor
Hopper Logo for DISH network.

Giant Hopper Logo 3D foam Sculpture for Retail Decor


Theses giant foam perls and Chanel #5 logo was made for the NYC store

C.Wonder Window Display


Big Foam popcorn for bloomingdales retail displays

Bloomingdales, C.Wonder, ChannelUSA


Custom Retail window display pieces made



Custom POS retail display units


Custom Retail POS display units / foam props



Faux Truck Bed Foam Prop Display for retailers to show of product.


Faux Truck Bed Foam Prop Display for retailers to show of product.


Custom Displays for RETAIL POP / POS

Custom Displays for RETAIL POP / POS




Large qty productions runs ok for retail POS / POP displays and foam props
custom POS POP foam Props and displays




 Retail POS displays made from foam and

cardboard to give that 3D pop !

Retail POS displays made from foam and cardboard to give that 3D pop !