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Product Replica Displays & Props

Product Enlargment Sculptures & Props.

Want your product to stand out?
What stands out more than an oversized replica? Get people's attention with our Product Replicas.
Whether it's to scale or oversized, we can recreate your product down to the graphic label.
Paint and coating techniques replicate any material imaginable.

Stand out at trade shows, in-store or public events with our Product Replicas.

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CNC cut foam product replica props and displays for events retail and trade shows

Product Enlargement
Giant Foam Bottle Sculpture Props

These Oversized Foam Prop Replicas were created from an original 9" Bottle.
They were made into 4 Foot and 7 Foot Tall Foam Sculptures For Trade Show Display

Giant Foam Bottle Sculptures & Props, Custom Made from your Product



Giant 3d foam prop soda can for product replica



Automated Money Safe Product Replica

This automated money safe was way to heavy to move to trade shows and events.

Dino Rentos Studios was asked to make a replica of the safe at a cost effective price so that one person
could lift it with ease and move the Money Machine foam prop around.
  This replica foam prop came in at 45 pounds 

#d foam product replication prop safe


Product Enlargment: Toys !

The Frombie toy company asked us to take thier 4" toys and turn them into four foot tall
replicas.  These foam prop / displays were used at trade shows and events.

toy company product enlargment 3d foam prop display

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